Take the chance to shine on stage! Performing a role in a fully staged opera

February - March 2020

Perform a leading role in a fully staged opera with orchestra.

During this workshop the participants prepare a complete opera (title to be determined).

Open for:

1 or 2 singers from the EOA can participate, next to our own singing and acting students.
When applying, know that you will be challenged to bring your own repertoire, and, in production, discover ways to present it in this special place, thus creating your role

The coaching includes:

- working with a (professional) conductor

- a professional stage director

- individual vocal coaching on style, interpretation and applied technique by our vocal staff.

  • 15 hours of training for 6 weeks
  • 6 full weeks working on the production

The workshop will conclude with 4 to 6 fully staged performances of the opera, accompanied by the orchestra of the Maastricht Conservatorium, in collaboration with Opera Zuid.

Name(s) of the professor(s) of this module:

Conductor: NN

Stage Director: NN

Vocal coaches: Yvonne Schiffelers, Susanne Schimmack, Axel Everaert, Frans Kokkelmans

In addition, an interactive workshop dealing with artistic entrepreneurship, self-promotion via social media and branding will be offered.This will give young artists the tools and skills to develop their artistic careers and to bring classical music to the core of society.

Final Examination:

Permanent Artistic Evaluation + Public performance

Activity: Acting, Performance, Production, Training
Academy of music: Maastricht
Language training: English, German
Student: Singers

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