Piano Accompaniment in Opera

October 1st - first week of February
Last week of February - third week of June

Open for:
2 piano students

This module offers an entirely specific traineeship for piano accompaniment of voice and opera scenes, designed for pianists who consider a future in the world of opera by adding to their curriculum a first work experience in this various and challenging environment. Trainees will accompany singers on the piano in different settings:

  • singing lessons
  • scenic interpretation lessons
  • staging
  • preparation for exams and concerts and during public performances

This is always under supervision of a tutor

The goal is to improve the knowledge of opera repertoire and to practice the specific skills requested. The trainee will receive weekly tasks from the coordinator of piano accompaniment.

A module for professional pianists who wish to broaden their knowledge of the operatic repertoire in compliance with all the specific attitudes. With a full immersion into Italian opera together with the opportunity to develop the best practice in Italian language applied to opera. To exercise, develop and improve their skills as a pianist in accompanying different voice parts.

Exchange and collaboration with other students of the Conservatory.

A unique opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the rich operatic music culture of the territory, attending places of unique musical interest, within the Conservatory (Musical Section of Libreria Palatina, Boito's Studio and Toscanini's Studio) or in the immediate nearby of it (the Library of the Istituto Nazionale di Studi Verdiani, specialized in 19th century opera and music in general, with particular emphasis on the life and work of Giuseppe Verdi, the Museo dell'Opera, the Casa della Musica, Teatro Regio, etc.).

Name(s) of the professor(s) of this module:

  • Nicola Mottaran (Coordinator of Piano accompaniment)
  • Fabio Ferrucci (Tutor)
  • Teaching staff from the Singing and Music Theatre Department of the Conservatory.

Possible extras:

  • Upon request a little tour of the main “music treasures" of Verdi's land: the birthplace of Verdi and Villa Sant'Agata, the Toscanini Museum, the world renowned Teatro Regio, the beautiful Teatro Farnese (17th century), the Casa del Suono, etc.
  • Opportunity to join Italian Course lev. A2+B1 in the first semester or English Course level B1 or B2 in second semester.
  • October is the month of the Parma Verdi Festival. Facilities are offered to enrolled students who want to experience a show at the Teatro Regio and/or other planned locations

Semester 200 hours (about 10 hours per week)
24 ECTS per semester (for Erasmus Module)

Description of final examination:
Progress examination

Activity: Performance, Training
Academy of music: Parma
Language training: English, Italian
Student: Pianists

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