European Opera Academy modules are accessible to students and recent graduates of the participating academies.

You apply for a module via the application form on the EOA website. Immediately after the deadline your application is passed on to both the contact person for the EOA of your own academy and the contact person at the host institution – we strive to give you a message about the result of your application within 3-4 weeks.

This deadline considers the Erasmus+ student mobility grant deadline. If you are past the deadline, but you are interested in the module, please contact the coordinator via e-mail to check the availability of the module.

Materials to submit with your application:

  • CV (click here for template)
  • Repertoire
  • Video (it can be a link to Youtube or any other platform)
  • Important: Check if there is any specific requirement in the module of your interest!

We want to welcome all students as much as possible: in most modules students of the partner academies can enroll without assessment. For some modules and in some situations assessment is necessary.

Immediately after April 15 th you will receive a mail of the host institution with instructions – please make sure you have your audition material up to date and answer asap so we can finish the application period in time!

Contact the Erasmus officer of your own institution as well to make sure you can make your exchange using an Erasmus+ student mobility grant.

Recent graduates of our academies, in the first year after graduation) can also apply for European Opera Academy modules. Many of the modules are also available as internship. Please contact the Erasmus coordinator in your own academy.

When you are outside the EOA target groups but you are interested in taking part, do not hesitate to contact us; sometimes academies offer contract study!

Application form 2019/2020

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